What Color To Wear To An Interview

Published: 06th December 2011
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As you probably gathered from my August blog "Suits For Interviews", I am not one to encourage too much creativity within the realm of dressing for a job interview. Sure, I think there's quite a bit of room for creativity in pretty much every other area of a man's wardrobe. But when it comes to a job interview, there is a certain set of rules that every man should follow. This is to ensure that the interviewer will be focused on you and your stellar qualifications, not distracted by what you are wearing.

The basic rules of color for dressing for an interview are:

  • A two-piece suit in navy or charcoal gray.

  • A button down dress shirt in either white or a light pastel color.

  • Clean, polished dress shoes in a dark color to match your suit.

  • A solid, diagonally striped, or other simply patterned tie.

That said, what color tie is best to wear to an interview?This is one area of your outfit that you do have a bit of flexibility. The color of your tie can be selected depending on what type of message you want to convey about yourself. Subliminal messaging with color is known to have a strong impact on our brains, and our decision making process. For example, blue is a color that suppresses our appetite, while red and yellow rev it up. This is why fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Hardee's incorporate red and yellow into their logos; meaning, in all aspects of life, colors can relay a strong subliminal message. Here's what you can say with the color of your tie:


Blue is a calm and soothing color that means "peace." It is a color that reflects persistence. Try wearing a blue tie with red accents if you want to be seen as a manager or team leader.


Yellow is a color that we associate with the sun. Because of this, we associate it with warmth and vitality. Wear a yellow tie if you want to appear approachable.


A green tie symbolizes growth and rebirth. It is a good idea to wear a green tie if you want to portray yourself as a good team player.


Red is the color most chosen by extroverts and comes across as bold and dynamic. It can also boost your confidence if you are feeling a bit unsure of yourself.


Brown is a color that appears very down to earth. Wear a brown tie if you want to say "I can get the job done."


Pink comes across as upbeat and friendly. You can wear a pink tie if you want to appear slightly offbeat, or if you are interviewing for a customer service position.


Frank Sinatra once said, "Orange is the happiest color." Indeed, orange appears very cheerful and bright. Wear it if you want to appear very positive.


Two good color combinations to wear to your interview are:

  • A navy suit and a light yellow shirt with a blue tie, or vice versa. Blue says "honesty" while yellow says "energetic." Together, this color combination says upbeat and cheerful.

  • A charcoal suit with a white shirt and a dark blue and or burgundy tie. There is a reason that this look is often favored by politicians. It is a color combination that says "authoritative." Wear it if you want to look like a leader and a decision maker.


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