Best Suit And Tie Combinations

Published: 10th January 2012
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Once you have selected a great new suit and had it tailored to fit you perfectly, it may seem like your work here is done. But not so fast! It takes the right shirt and tie to pull off an amazing suit. And picking the correct shirt and is all about coordinating the colors and patterns. Here are some guidelines.

Black suit:
- If you want to look totally classic, go for a white shirt and a black tie. Bam, easy.
- Only wear a white shirt and white tie if you want a very formal look, such as if you are the father of the bride. This look is too austere for most events.
- A white shirt and a solid brightly colored tie, such as red, gold, or orange is appropriate for nearly any occasion to which you would wear a black suit. The only exception may be a funeral or other somber occasion, for which you may be better off with a darker color.
- If you wish to lighten up the look of a black suit, select a patterned tie rather than a solid one. For example, a diagonally striped gold and black tie is a great way to add some design. To lighten the look a little further, add a subtly patterned shirt. For example, try a white shirt with a light blue pinstripe, and a steel gray honeycomb or foulard tie.
- A solid black suit is completely neutral, so try colored shirts, too. Some colored shirt and tie combinations that work well with a black suit are

    • Light yellow shirt and light blue tie

    • Bright blue shirt and steel gray tie

    • Medium gray shirt and purple tie

    • Dark blue shirt and gold tie

    • Maroon shirt and maroon tie

    • Lavender shirt and aubergine (dark purple) tie

Navy suit:
- A navy suit is appropriate for nearly any occasion. For a totally sophisticated James Bond-ish sort of look, pair a navy suit with a white shirt and a solid tie in dark silvery gray.

- When deciding what to wear to an interview, a navy suit is your best bet. It comes across as neither too formal nor too casual. For an interview, pair a navy suit with a white button down and a red or other bright solid colored tie.

- Some colored shirt and tie combinations that are great for navy suits are:

    • Light blue shirt and brown tie

    • Cornflower (medium) blue shirt and silver tie

    • Light pink shirt and regular pink tie

    • Light blue shirt and maroon tie

    • Light yellow shirt and navy tie

Pinstripe suit:
- A pinstripe suit appears a little more fashion forward than a solid suit, especially if it is in an unusual color, such as chocolate brown.
- If you really want to stand out, mix patterns with a pinstripe suit. It always appears a bit daring. For example, pair a pinstripe suit with a checked shirt and a polka dot tie. Make sure to use colors in the same family. If you are daring with patterns, use matching colors.
- Play up the pinstripes in your suit by adding stripes elsewhere in your ensemble.
- Some combinations that work nicely are:

    • Navy pinstripe suit, white and light blue broad stripe shirt and pink and navy diagonally striped tie

    • Navy pinstripe suit, white shirt and navy, white and gray plaid tie

    • Black pinstripe suit, white shirt and red and white vertically striped tie

    • Black pinstripe suit, light blue shirt and violet and blue diagonally striped tie

    • Dark gray pinstripe suit, light gray shirt and silver tie

    • Dark gray pinstripe suit, white shirt and purple tie


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